Celebrate with us!

May 13th-19th

Jade Integrated Health is excited to celebrate the amazing women in our community and the world! We are inspired by women in our community on a daily basis. During this week, it's important to remember every aspect of a healthy person; preventative care, mental health, social health and physical health. Start your week off with a promise to yourself; "I AM WORTH IT!"

This week at Jade Integrated Health, we are taking a collaborative perspective on women's health. Through in-person classes and social media presence, you can learn and grow with us. Stay tuned into our social media and website for interviews and educational blogs, as well as a special class schedule designed especially for National Women's Health Week.

Registering for a Women-Centered Yoga Class in our Brunswick or Portland office? Join us after class for a Q/A with our very own women's health providers. All classes this week are donation based (suggested $15) and proceeds will be donated to Crossroads, a gender-sensitive rehab facility for women in Maine.

You have supported, empowered & loved us for 17 years. Thank yoU!

Happy National Women's Heath Week!

Women-Centered Yoga Class


Join us for a class filled with self-love, energy and joy. Celebrate your life and strength in these all-level yoga classes built especially for women. Join our yoga teachers in Portland and Brunswick for these amazing classes. Find your inner strength and hidden fire with gentle heat-building flows especially made for a woman's body. 


Monday (5/14):

11:00am - Provider Q/A

Tuesday (5/15):

5:30pm - Women-Centered Yoga

6:30pm - Provider Q/A

Wednesday (5/16):

12:00pm - Yoga for 50+ Women

Thursday (5/17):

12:30pm - Women-Centered Yoga

1:30 - Provider Q/A


Tuesday (5/15):

12:00pm - Yoga for 50+ Women

5:30pm - Women-Centered Yoga

6:30pm - Provider Q/A

Friday (5/17):

11:00am - Provider Q/A

12:00pm - Women-Centered Yoga

1:00pm - Provider Q/A

**All classes are donation based for this week. All proceeds will be donated to Crossroads, a gender-sensitive rehab facility for women in Maine.

Fertility Lecture


Join Jade Integrated Health and CoworkerHERS for an educational lecture about acupuncture, fertility and reproductive health. Learn about the non-invasive techniques that has helped people across the world start families for thousands of years (and recently, proven by modern scientific research). Hosted by the women-focused shared workspace, CoWorkerHERS and presented by Jade's co-owner and Acupuncturist, John Charlebois and Yoga Manager Lauren Lauzier. 

May 17th @ 5:30pm

144 Congress St, Portland ME 04101


Stay tuned into our facebook and instagram for event info and women's health information. 

All week we will be publishing and promoting information about women's health. Stay tuned into our blog page, facebook and instagram for daily updates, provider interviews and to share in the joy of women's health!

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