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Celebrate National Women’s Health Week!

Jade Integrated Health is excited to host our 2nd Annual Celebration of National Women’s Health Week. This week focuses on women’s health throughout the lifespan. We want to answer common questions, provide research-supported information, share wellness ideas that fit your lifestyle and introduce our community to women’s health providers at Jade and beyond.

How to join…

Join us for this week-long social media extravaganza. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for women’s health videos, blogs, articles, #jadeinsights, community resources, regional/national organizations and more!

What to expect…

This week will be split up into seven parts. Each day will focus on an important age range within a woman’s life. Within these ranges, we will highlight biological changes due to hormonal shifts, typical major life events, transitions or other pivotal changes. Stay tuned to all seven days and learn about women’s health throughout the lifespan!

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Did we miss something?? We would love to hear your questions and suggestions. Email us (reception@jadeintegratedhealth), message us on facebook or instagram or comment on a post. We would love to get our experts on your women’s health questions!

Jade’s In-house Women’s Health Resources

Curious about how Jade Integrated Health can help you? Here are a few common ailments we see women’s health patients for and links to each services website.



Irregular cycles, digestive discomfort, anxiety and mental health

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Herbal Medicine

Irregular cycles, prolapse and pelvic pain, anxiety and mental health

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Physical Therapy

Orthopedic pain, fibromyalgia, diastasis recti and other chronic pain help

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Expect & New Mom

Incontinence, back or neck pain, anxiety and emotional help

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Pelvic Floor PT

Pelvic pain and discomfort, fecal and urinary incontinence, public symphysis


New Mom Home Visits

Postpartum complications, pelvic floor discomfort or pain, breast feeding ergonomics

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Yoga Studio

Strengthening, joint and bone health, flexibility, mindfulness, breath work, prenatal and postpartum classes

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Tight or sore muscles, relaxation, circulation, self-care


Meet our Team of Experienced Providers!

Acupuncturist, physical therapist, herbalist, yoga instructors, massage therapist, pilates instructors, qigong practitioners, office dogs… we have it all!

Click the link below and meet the team!

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Thank you for supporting Jade Integrated Health and other women’s health providers in our community!

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