Meg LeMay - RYT

Meg LeMay's approach to yoga seeks to integrate the many layers of our being, known as the koshas. She encourages students to develop an awareness of not only their physical body, but their energetic, emotional, and thinking states. Blending breathwork, slow and intentional movements, and mindfulness meditation, she invites students to trust their strength, know when to surrender, and learn how to listen to their body's innate wisdom. The process of remaining open and kind to whatever arises in this exploration is the foundation of her teaching.

Meg received her RYT-200 from Samyoga Institute under the direction of Janice George whose expertise in Integrative Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda continues to be a source of influence on Meg. Meg also holds a Ph.D in the humanities. She teaches group and one-on-one classes at both of Jade's studio locations. Additionally, she enjoys leading private group lessons through Jade to senior citizens and to women in recovery at Crossroads of Portland. Meg's classes are trauma-informed. All bodies and experiences are welcome!