Upcoming Workshops

Jade Integrated Health offers a variety of wellness and education based workshops throughout the year. These workshops often draw from the different services we provide at our locations and typically include providers from different background to form a whole human approach. This means that you may see a physical therapist, acupuncturist, yoga teacher, or massage therapist teaming up for a workshop. If there is a topic or workshop you are interested in Jade providing, please let us know!

*Workshop Purchases are non-refundable*

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Self-Care

REstoritive Yoga and Acupuncture Triology

These two hour retreats will include a simple qigong routine, 5 to 6 guided restorative yoga postures and conclude with an extended relaxation, complete with acupuncture treatment.

Melt Your Stress Away


Take some time for midwinter self-care! This workshop provides attendees with tools to promote wellness and leave their troubles behind with self-massage and restorative yoga.

Injury Prevention for Alpine Skier


Our team can help you build strength, endurance and stability to heal more quickly and prevent future injuries. Sign up today so you can enjoy a strong and healthy 2019 ski season. Come dressed in athletic clothes and be ready to move and have fun!