Why We Integrate

At Jade we cultivate an atmosphere of comprehensive care, offering each patient a tailored treatment plan that may involve a combination of services including physical therapy, one on one yoga session, acupuncture, dry needling, and massage. 

Each patient is different, so which treatments you receive are a discussion with your physical therapist or acupuncturist about what might be most beneficial for you and your recovery. All Jade providers communicate internally and collaborate about the care and treatments you are receiving. We strive to offer the highest quality of care and thrive on strong in-house communication between providers to ensure patient success. 

Maintaining Health and Wellness

We also believe in fostering long term relationships with our patients for on-going well being. Even though acupuncture, massage and yoga are included as treatments for many of our physical therapy patients, we view these services as proactive wellness upkeep to keep mind and bodies healthy and strong year round. Many of our patients continue with these services, post physical therapy, through individual treatment plans developed based on their goals. In addition, individuals from our greater Portland Maine community come in for acupuncture sessionsmassage treatments and / or our yoga classes to reap the many health and wellness benefits they offer year round.

Our Culture

At Jade, our employees are encouraged to experience all benefits and services we have to offer so that every team member can be a patient resource as well as live a healthy, balanced life. We believe so strongly in our services, that you will often see our employees participating in our yoga classes, performing exercises in the PT gym, or in the waiting room awaiting their acupuncture or massage appointment.