We Will Make a Difference in How Your Patients Feel

At Jade we cultivate an atmosphere of comprehensive care, offering each patient a tailored treatment plan that may involve a combination of services including physical therapy, one on one yoga session, acupuncture, dry needling, and massage. 

Each patient is different, so which treatments they receive is a discussion with the physical therapist or acupuncturist about what might be most beneficial for your patients recovery. Patient experience comes first: from transparency in billing on the first visit to a caring and professional staff, our patients really notice a difference. 

At Jade Integrated Health, unlike other integrative practices, all proactitioners are employees. This means there is a high levels of communication between on staff providers because we are working towards our common mission and dedication to the patient. We strive to offer the highest quality of care and thrive on strong in-house communication between providers and external collaboration with other providers to ensure patient success.  

Physical Therapy at Jade

  • 50-60 minute treatment times with a physical therapist
  • NO PT assistants, aides or athletic trainers providing treatment
  • Your patients see the same physical therapist  during their course of care for better continuity
  • Yoga therapy is provided by our physical therapists that are also certified yoga instructors

Acupuncture at Jade

  • 60-90 minute treatment times with an acupuncturist
  • NO assistants or aides providing treatment
  • Acupuncturist may integrate other Eastern modalities; such as Traditional Chinese herbs, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, tui na, qigong, dietary recommendations and ancient techniques for stress management practices
  • Your patients see the same acupuncturist during their course of care for better continuity  
  • Acupuncture can be useful when treating these ailments

What happens once you fax the referral?

First, we will call and schedule your patient.  Our goal is to offer them an appointment to be seen and treated within 2 days.

After their initial evaluation, you will receive a copy of their evaluation and POC

We will communicate with you via progress notes and/or phone calls every 6 treatments. 

We always call if we have concerns that your patient is not progressing as expected.

Insurance Coverage at Jade


At Jade Integrated Health, we take the time to verify coverage with insurance companies. We do not like surprises and we strive for transparency in every aspect of care, including insurance coverage.


Physical Therapy: Most insurance companies cover physical therapy. Coverage depends on the patient's insurance plan. 

Acupuncture: More and more insurance companies are covering alternative therapies, such as acupuncture. Coverage depends on the patient's insurance plan. 

Massage Therapy: Few insurance coverage solely massage therapy session. Most insurance companies cover care if the patient is in an active coarse of Physical Therapy, and must be treated by a license PT. Coverage depends on the patient's insurance plan.

Yoga Therapy: This services is billed and coverage under the Physical Therapy benefit. Coverage depends on the patient's insurance plan. 

Want to Meet with Us?


Providing the best care often means collaborating and understanding each others treatment approaches.  We are happy to come to your office to hear about your practice as well as to discuss our treatment modalities and how they are integrated into patient care.

“At Jade, I always feel completely cared for. I feel listened to, never rushed, always pampered. After years of seeing different practitioners, I feel like I have found a truly caring team of professionals working together to find a solution. I don’t feel like I am a number in a giant system but rather a member of a community”

-Elizabeth M.