The strength I gained in the class & the breathing practice helped me during labor & continues to help during recovery. Thanks again.  - Nora

Over the years, I’ve had PT for various sports injuries, falls, and post surgery but this experience was different. I wasn’t just sent to the treadmill or weights and told to work out. Melissa listened, checked the injuries, stretched my body by applying pressure and gentle release, recommended exercises, demonstrated and watched that I was doing them properly, then sent me home with bands and instructions for me to work on the injured parts. Each visit she’d check me than increase the challenge until I regained my shoulder strength and flexibility. She is a true professional. - Margie

I am an experienced distance runner and was referred to Jade Integrated with a stubborn and baffling bilateral running injury. Marie and Melissa took the time to really understand what I was feeling and then analyzed my running mechanics to isolate likely causes. We then worked as a team to rebuild my mechanics from the ground up, slowly adding time while focusing on form. I’m now back to half-marathon distance and am running 100% pain-free. I can’t thank Marie, Melissa and all the folks at Jade enough for helping me through this and for making running fun again. A+.


"Having needed physical therapy in NJ and elsewhere in Maine over the last several years, I can say without reservation that Jade Integrated Health is the best. Kirsten’s warmth, encouragement, and sense of humor put me at ease immediately. She is a natural teacher - somehow manages to explain bones and nerves and muscles with analogies that help me understand what we’re working on and why. Jade is truly integrated  - I had a few needling treatments and one-on-one yoga classes to complement the PT work. So grateful they have a practice here in Brunswick as well as Portland!"            

- Priscilla

My experience with Lauren has been similarly great. Just as everyone at Jade, Lauren understands the body so well, and I always feel great after yoga. My core is getting stronger, which has reduced my pain. I always look forward to my yoga sessions, its a great experience during and after."  - Paul

"I can’t emphasize enough the positive changes that acupuncture has given me. Everyone at Jade focuses on the whole body and mind as a way to treat my issues; Cleo is especially skilled at this. I always look forward to our sessions because I know I will be relaxed for days afterwards.

“I cannot recommend Jade Integrated Health enough! Recovery from hip surgery initially brought me to Jade, where I was welcomed by compassionate, professional, holistic thinking practitioners. I have utilized physical therapy, acupuncture, pool therapy and yoga, all provided by experienced encouraging specialist, who are above all, human! I recommend Jade Integrated to all my friends and family.”  - Ann G.

"I have used Jade Integrated Health for 3 separate incidents/injuries over the past 3 years. Each time, I returned to normal function after the injury- through a combined effort of PT, acupuncture, and swim therapy. The team has worked to get me going again! Everyone on the team is a great listener. Office staff is also very friendly and helpful. I can't say enough about Melissa Belcher's expertise and care!"   - Sandy A. 

“At Jade, I always feel completely cared for. I feel listened to, never rushed, always pampered. After years of seeing different practitioners, I feel like I have found a truly caring team of professionals working together to find a solution. I don’t feel like I am a number in a giant system but rather a member of a community”.  -Elizabeth M.

"I saw Carole for acupuncture when I was experiencing pregnancy related nausea and vomiting. The effect was incredible. I would highly recommend Jade Integrated Health.” -  Marie

"The Jade team of professionals offers expertise in multiple fields and results that are provided with education, compassion, and understanding. The culture of the office speaks for itself: inviting, helpful, and positive. The entire staff is phenomenal and devoted to getting to know you and help you. 

I was fortunate to make an appointment with Nancy for a massage, as she is also a physical therapist and I was dealing with a very painful pinched nerve. This was my second bout with the pain and I had not found success with other healthcare providers. 

At the same time, I noticed that Jade offered acupuncture and made my first appointment with John for a consult. He did a great job educating me on how it works and after 3 acupuncture treatments, I had significant relief from hot flashes, anxiety, and grief from a recent loss. I will continue to have acupuncture as needed. I am amazed that the results were so quick!

I also worked with Jen twice weekly for my pinched nerve and associated problems. Because she is not only a physical therapist, but also a yoga instructor, she was able to help me get back to a yoga practice that I love. She devoted two full hours each week to my recovery. I eventually was able to start yoga classes again and am now attending the yoga classes at Jade that are taught by physical therapists. It doesn't get any better than that!

I never knew that a healthcare facility could offer so much under one roof. It truly is an integrated approach to wellness and it works!

John, Nancy, and Jen all played a significant part in my recovery. I am grateful that I was in their hands".  Jane B.

"I finally have found something that works after 10 years of Lyme disease. John is amazing and Kirsten is the first therapist who has given me real relief! - Michelle S. 

"When I walk into Jade Integrated Health, I feel an immediate sense of peace and relief from the daily hurley burley. At the front desk, Kimberly and Jenna are open, warm, and knowledgable. Joy is the best physical therapist imaginable. She is very smart, a great diagnostician, creative in her solutions, and she knows when to push, when to teach, and when to encourage. Her care is always compassionate and fully present. Thank you form the bottom of my heart." -  Eleanor M.

"I am a healthy 42 year old who came down with awful and then lingering flu-like symptoms. I had a bad cough that persisted for several months, and visited two MDs. The first told me I might have "real influenza," the second said it might be whopping cough; but both said that  there is no treatment and I should just wait it out. I visited John and after one session of acupuncture and  a day of herbs the symptoms went away never to return. This is just one of several similar cures that I got from John." -  Zack

"Jade is amazing! Thanks to prenatal yoga, acupuncture, and massage I made it through the later part of this hot summer SUPER pregnant but comfortable. Carol! Lauren! Nancy! And the wonderful crew at Jade, I cannot thank you enough!" -  Becca H.

"(I came to Jade for a) broken back and I was not interested in seeing anymore doctors at the hospital. Drugs and pain make the AI kick off line and I needed that fixed.

After seeing John, overnight my AI was back to just about normal. It is tough to have a complete turnaround with a broken back in one treatment. Subsequent treatments have furthered the healing." -  Eric

"Jade is amazing! Everyone there is very welcoming. I go to Jade for accupuncture and yoga. I see Carole for accupuncture and she is always knowledgeable and caring. She really takes the time to make everything understandable and explain the process. It's so convenient they offer so many great services under one roof." -  Rachel A.

"Dear Nancy, I just wanted to send a not to thank you so much for the work you've done with me in my postpartum physical recovery.  It has been so helpful, both mentally & physically.

The services you provide are so valuable to me and others and it makes me feel well taken care of and cared for.  I have so enjoyed our work together and hope out paths cross again soon." -   Rachel

"My first experience with Jade Integrated Health was just about as perfect as it could get: it was mid July and I was meandering around YogaFest at the East End Community School when I noticed there were complimentary massages happening set away from the blazing sun and chatter of passersby in a beautiful, shaded garden. That's where I met Nancy, one of the owners of Jade, who massaged my extremely sore body for a good half hour. We chatted, but it was mostly a peaceful, deeply relaxing experience set to a soundtrack of buzzing bees and chirping birds. It was fantastically unexpected. She was thoughtful about where I was most tender and - I admit - one of the best massages I think I've ever received)!

Finally, I've had the chance to come back and check out their yoga classes, and I already know that I'll be back. I've been hesitant about attending a yoga class for a couple reasons: 1) lots of people have established practices at studios, and I don't want to be the "new kid" (that: everyone stares at, gets sized up ["oooh, where is she in her practice?"], displaces someone from their normal spot in the room thus disrupting their internal feng shui, etc), 2) I like the freestyle of a home practice (sometimes a girl just needs to bust out a tree for no reason), 3) working from home sometimes leaves me really uninspired to leave my house. All of that being said, I recently took a class with Lauren Lauzier and... it was perfect. It was an all levels class that really was ALL levels: she did an exceptional job of getting people into poses and then was in encouraging regardless if we stayed in it, or "if it was in our practice" to advance it. Very effortless, fluid stuff. I liked that she started the practice asking us if there was any requests, I liked that she had a sense of humor (in her very calm voice made a couple jokes when members of our class accidentally kicked a lamp over), I liked that at the end while in shavasana she spent a few moments with each individual gently pressing their shoulders to the ground before grazing her thumbs soothingly over the skin above our eyebrows and down around our temples (it was one of the most euphoric zen-like feelings I've had in a while, so there was definitely some kind of magic happening there).

I like that the (drop-in) classes are $15.
I like that you have to take your shoes and coats off at the landing before coming up to the actual studio - in a way it helps you check the rest of the world at the door.
I like that there's parking.
I like that the classes are intentionally small and intimate.
As someone who's been practicing for years at home and has been wary of joining a class, I like that I didn't feel like I was being judged, or watched, or felt like I took anyone else's spot (so kudos to the regulars who come here, that's a testament to you).
I like that I felt so welcomed.
I like that the studio itself is so cozy and warm.

And now I'm wondering if I should be telling you all this, because right now Jade feels like a hidden oasis. I admit, I haven't tried their acupuncture (because "I have a guy"), but the massage and yoga are entirely worth it. So #treatyoself!"  -  Steph

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