4 Tips to Running Pain Free

Ok, So, you’ve mastered the Dynamic Warmup Stretches and have been running for a few months now that the weather is with you.  This is when old injuries can start to flare or new ones are presenting themselves.  What to do?  

  1. First, keep up with the warm up.  It gives your muscles and fascia the extensibility they need and your joints the lubrication. 
  2. Secondly, on your run, don’t be afraid of stopping to stretch mid-way.  Anything that feels stiff or tight.  Hamstrings or hip flexors giving you trouble?  Stop and spend a minute on each one, then pay attention to how you feel as you resume your run.  It should help you feel more natural in your stride with the tightness resolved or less intense. 
  3. Next, when you get back, take 3 minutes for the gentle, easy jog (or repeat the dynamic warm up).  Cool down. 
  4. Lastly, stretch.  It is so worth it!  A post run stretch will set you up for a better NEXT run!  It only takes 5 minutes and you already put in the time with the warm up and the run so why stop short?