Warm up and Prepare to Welcome Spring

It may be hard to see from the top of March, or the top of your favorite tall pile of snow, but Spring is just around the corner! Many of us spend much of winter indoors and begin to be more active as the warmer winds welcome spring. This pattern can lead to injury if we change the demands on our bodies too quickly. Start your spring prep by increasing your activity level with some yoga, take a walk outside to test the waters on warmer days! If you can’t make it out of the house to come to a yoga class try out some of these poses to get your body moving!

With a focus on movement it is beneficial to concentrate on the transitions between poses. As you transition through these postures breathe in and out through your nose and match your movement to your breath. Let the transition to the next posture be initiated by the change in your phase of breath and ride that phase all the way to the next posture. In this way your poses or postures are held in the spaces, pauses, between your breath cycles and your transitions are where your postures grow and move. Ride the breath back and forth between two to three postures and attempt to keep your base of support (hands, feet or both) locked in place as you flow.

Cat Cow: Inhale to cow and exhale to cat  

Table child’s pose: Exhale into child’s pose and inhale back up to table/cat

Down dog plank: Exhale to downward facing dog and inhale to plank

Warrior II, exalted warrior, forward angle: Inhale in warrior ii and exhale to arch forward or backwards  

Warrior I to humble warrior: Inhale to warrior i and exhale to humble warrior

End all of this movement by finding a comfortable position and observing how your body feels. Observe your breath and notice the effect of movement on your body, mind and spirit.