An Instructors Perspective

MauraMommy and Baby Yoga

One of the aspects of the Mommy & Baby Yoga class that inspires me is when mothers find a new way to connect with their baby, whether it's a specific rocking movement in a posture that is beneficial to easing tension or building core strength in the mother and their baby enjoys it also.  Many times in class, the mothers will notice how a posture practiced in a certain way while holding their baby has a soothing effect to their baby.  The women will often comment how they are given new ideas of ways to play with their baby, while maintaining an awareness of their posture, or awareness in protecting the lower back from over strain.

There tends to be an imbalance in the mother's daily lives in holding the babies on one hip, leg, and arm.  Mother's are able to find balance in their bodies while practicing the yoga postures on both sides of the body.   In a typical class, moms will practice yoga incorporating their babies into the various postures, with movement within a posture to stimulate the baby while adding a level of dynamic strength building. Sometimes the babies sleep during class, and the mother is able to practice yoga on her own; either way receiving the benefits of stress reduction, conditioning and rebuilding strength, and balancing both sides of the body.   With the classes intimate in size, the women often bond not only with their babies, but with each other also.

- Maura Hintlian RYT