Attention All Weekend Warriors !!

Tips to Prevent Injury

Many of us have lifestyles that do not easily support physical exercise. Yet we also find ourselves loving exercise, sports and fitness activities on the weekends.  Especially during this time of year when outdoor exercise

opportunities are limitless! As a result, it is easy to end up with an injury and side-lined from the activities that help us stay fit and reduce stress.

Here are some thoughts on injury prevention:

1. Stretch. NOT BEFORE your event, but AFTER a warm up to promote soft tissue extensibility and reduce muscle and tendon injuries.

2. Training.  Start training and exercise at 50-75% of what you think you can do.  Slowly build up to that 100% to stay injury-free throughout the season.

3. Ice.  At the first signs of pain, wear and tear, ice the affected


4. Training. Yes, again!  Try cross training to avoid repetitive strain injuries.  Variety will promote better overall fitness while also helping you to avoid burn-out.

Finally, don't let injuries linger.  If it is not consistently getting

better over the course of a week, get treatment.  You will recover more quickly to get back to exercise.

Have a great summer !!

- Nancy Charlesbois PT, MT