Balanced Energy, Balanced Diet

The Yoga Perspective

The key to true health is to have balance in all areas of your life including your diet and lifestyle. To live a yoga lifestyle means to aim to find this balance in your whole life.  The practice of yoga is complemented when eating in moderation to nourish the mind and body, which keeps us alert and energized. A balanced whole foods diet ensures that all aspects of the digestion system work in harmony with each other. When all aspects of digestion are in balance, you will feel your best.

I have been starting my morning with fruit and a slice of Ezekiel bread, followed by a yoga practice. Ezekiel bread is made with freshly sprouted, certified organically grown live grains, contains no flour, is high in fiber, low glycemic, and diabetic friendly.  There are very powerful nutritive and healing properties of sprouts.  Enzymes are considered a key to longevity, and are greatly activat ed in the sprouting process.  Foods should enhance healing and regeneration.  

In my personal experience starting the day eating healthy and mindfully helps to deepen the mind body connection, and bring myself into alignment with natural harmony.  With awareness into our daily diet, lifestyle, exercise habits, combined with an understanding of balance, we have the power to alter the direction of our health and well-being from "disease" to ease.

Bon Appetit !

- Maura