Brief Intro to Qigong

For hundreds of years small communities practiced series of movements to promote well being and help them thrive. These movements stimulated acupoints and aimed to move Qi and Blood in the body. Over time these movements evolved and were adapted into the thousands of unique Qigong routines around the world today. At Jade, we offer Qigong Basics so that you can learn fundamental movements to develop your own Qigong flow.


The name Qigong is a recent appellation meaning “to work with Qi.” Another more helpful term is “Dao Yin” which means Guiding and Leading. This accurately describes the process of how one works with Qi.  Certain movements guide the Qi to an area of the body. Dao Yin can be applied to all that we do because mindfulness is at the heart of Dao Yin. Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present, integrating all levels of being. Being mindful required practice because it takes time and attention to cultivate presence. Regular daily practice of Qigong is one way to cultivate Mindfulness and to apply Dao Yin.


Qi animates all of our functions and is available to us to employ consciously as needed - but that requires practice and cultivation. A basic Qigong routine practiced regularly teaches so much more than the movements. It opens our awareness, activates the power of the acupoints stimulated and “courses the channels” or frees them of obstruction. This harmonizes our systems so we can evolve toward our highest potential.Some of the benefits of regular practice of Qigong are improved balance, greater emotional stability, increased flexibility, enhanced cognition, and a stronger immune system.


Join us at our weekly qigong classes on Wednesday at 6:30pm in Portland or Thursdays at 10:30am in Brunswick. For a full class schedule, click here!