Chinese Nutrition Tips

Benefits of Taking Your Time

Inherent in Traditional Chinese Medicine food is a part of the treatment plan.  Food and food choices can enhance the outcomes patients seek.  Flavors, colors and consistencies all factor in some way toward a balanced ingestion of life giving nourishment.  What we put in our bodies is only half the process; breakdown, absorption and elimination complete the process. 

Chew with mindfulness. Distractions and conversations cause people to under-chew and ingest air.   Both impede healthy digestion.  The stress response inhibits the digestive tract from absorbing nutrients by diverting blood flow from the organs.  So, eating under calm, quiet, contented conditions can be an easy step anyone can take to improve their health.

In our next food issue I will explain how cravings are interpreted within Traditional Chinese Medicine.


- John Charlesbois L. Ac.