Float Therapy

Imagine yourself completely enveloped in warmth, in grateful solitude, with light ambient music playing in the background (or silence, if that is your preference). The space you are lying in is filled with a soft, radiant glow the color of your choosing. For 90 minutes, the external world is a distant memory. Your body is fully supported by the water beneath you, floating effortlessly and weightlessly on the surface. Your only job for the next hour and a half is to breathe and relax. Sounds like heaven, right?

What I’ve just described is the experience you’ll receive at Float Harder. I had my first float this past weekend and it was absolutely amazing - I’m completely hooked! The staff was super friendly, the treatment rooms, restroom and relaxing waiting room were immaculate, and the overall ambiance was peaceful and inviting. You can choose from either a pod or a treatment room to float in, and a variety of soundtracks and lighting are available for you to choose from.

As a PT/LMT I would recommend this to individuals with joint or spinal pain, as this affords your body the opportunity to be completely supported without the necessity of your muscles firing to hold you up due to the gravity reducing properties of the epsom salts. The sensory reduction component of floating is great for anyone with anxiety disorders or those in need of stress reduction in general, allowing your mind to decompress along with your physical body. And while research is still being conducted on the absorption of epsom salts via floating or bathing, magnesium sulfate is an important chemical compound utilized for many functions in the body and has been utilized by athletes for decades to relieve delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Personally, I was surprised at how long it took me to fully relax and allow the water to completely support me. I found that I had to make a conscious effort to fully release all my muscles, and then my mind, to be fully present in the moment. Once I had done that, though, the experience was nothing short of spiritual. In the hustle-bustle world we live in, we often sacrifice our own wellbeing for the welfare of others – our kids, our partners, our jobs, etc. But like aircraft emergencies, we must don our own oxygen masks first. We must replenish our own wells before we can share ourselves with others. I highly recommend you give floating a try as an important part of your self-care routine (along with physical therapy, massage, yoga and acupuncture). For after all, balanced energy, balanced life. Happy floating! 😊

To learn more about the benefits of floating and whether it’s appropriate for you, visit: http://www.floatharder.com/benefitsoffloating.html


By Lindsay Paschal, DPT, BSAT, LMT