Gardening for Your Health - Allergies, Bug Bites and Itches

Springtime can be the most rewarding time for gardening. Getting your hands back in the soil and finally clearing away the last remense of fall and winter from your yard. Unfortunately, with spring weather comes pollen and bugs! Allergies, itchy bug bites and other skin conditions can put a real damper on getting outside to your garden.

Prevention is key. These measures may include bug spray, wearing long sleeves/pants and avoiding infested areas. However, sometimes we need a little extra help. East Asian Medicine(EAM) and acupuncture can aid in treating allergies and itches. EAM has a plethora of amazing tools to boost the body’s natural ability to heal and balance. Acupuncturist can use needles, herbs, moxibustion or heat lamps (therapeutic heat) and dietary recommendations to help alleviate symptoms and quiet the inflammatory response.

At Jade, we also stock a great anti-itch stick called “Stop Itch Stick” by Blue Poppy Herbs. This itch remedy is a combination of chinese herbs that truly stop the itch. Our employees and owners are big fans of this anti-itch remedy and it really works!

Interested in learning more about how acupuncture and EAM can help you get back to your garden? At Jade Integrated Health, we offer Free 30-minute Consults with all our practitioners. Don’t let allergies and other itches prevent you from getting into your garden.

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