Gardening for Your Health - Sunscreen Updates

Sunburns can sneak up on you, especially if you are busy working in your garden. Most gardeners have an arsenal of protective sun wear, but with all the recent regulation updates and press releases, it’s hard to stay up-to-date on the latest sunscreen news.

A recent article published by the Journal of American Medical Association found that certain components of sunscreen are readily absorbed into the bloodstream within a single day of use. This does not mean sunscreen is unsafe, but researchers are calling for further studies to find out if there is a potential hazard.

In response to these new research findings, the FDA released a statement outlining the importance of sunscreen and the need for further research. The organization stated, “With sunscreens now being used with greater frequency, in larger amounts, and by broader populations, it is more important than ever to ensure that sunscreens are safe and effective for daily, life-long use.” The FDA proposed new rules would regulate over-the-counter sunscreen as a pharmaceutical drug, which would raise the standard of research and safety trials for these products.

Researchers are also looking into the effectiveness of natural alternatives and UV-blocking compounds found in algae. In the meantime, the FDA suggests continued use of conventional sunscreens. The rate of skin cancer is still rising and prevention is very important. Broad spectrum sunscreen and avoiding extensive sun exposure, as well as wearing wide-rimmed hats and UV blocking clothing, can significantly decrease your risk of long-term effects.