Herbal Focus: Healing Herbs vs. Pharmaceutical Drugs


Chinese herbal medicine has been around for centuries and is complimented excellently with acupuncture to help aid in the healing process when treating a variety of medical conditions.  Over the past 5,000 years, Chinese herbal formulation has evolved into a powerful, therapeutic tool that trained practitioners can use to help their patients.  Formulas are prescribed here at Jade Integrated Health in the form of herbal teas, or if you’d like, capsules.  When you come into our office you will work closely with John, our acupuncturist, who has extensive herbal training to find the most effective herb to target your individual disharmony.  This is the exact opposite of what you would expect to fid on your local drug store shelf, where medications mask symptoms instead of healing the body, and are not individualized as with herbs.

Chinese herbal medicine is a safe, effective, and drug free way to become well and stay healthy, naturally!

magnolia-flowerCongestion, whether it be nasal or chest, is often the predecessor of infection.  As busy people we think to ourselves, “Great!  I’m coming down with a cold!,” and then continue to blow our nose until it is raw.  While expelling the mucus into your tissue is all well and fine, what we really need at this point is some internal immune support, as well as something to try and fight the festering infection.  We generally put up with this for a while because we aren’t getting any sicker.  (This is where pharmaceuticals get left in the dust and herbals shine brightly).

If congestion is present in the nose, it will ultimately spread to the ears, throat, and lungs if not treated.  We see elevated complaints of congestion around the change of the seasons because of temperature changes that affect our immune systems.  Its usually damper around this time of year and the sun is not as strong so we find more moisture in our environments lending to increased mucus production.  Herbs in conjunction with acupuncture are great to help reduce inflammation and increase fluid circulation.  To combat both bacterial infections, like the common cold, or even allergies, a person can use an herbal tea to help reduce symptoms and increase the body’s immunity.

If you visit Jade Integrated Health complaining of common cold symptoms, (redness around the nose, mucus, redness in the eyes, inflammation,) your treatment may include herbal therapy and acupuncture.  An herbal prescription of Cang Er San, (don’t let the name fool you…it’s yummy,) may be prescribed for it’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and astringent properties.  (An astringent is a toning herb that helps to tighten the tissues to decrease the histamine response.)  This yummy concoction mixed up here in our office just for you by John, contains mint, magnolia flower, and other herbs that work to restore balance within the body.

If you are currently dealing with cold symptoms and want a more natural approach to clearing mucus, please call us to schedule an herbal consultation with John at (207) 773-5778.