Hour Exchange Portland

Building Relationships

I just recently joined the Hour Exchange of Portland, and am very excited about the opportunity it provides and the benefits it gives back to those involved.  Unlike a barter system, where there is a direct trade between two people;  Time Dollar members give an hour of their time and in return they can receive an hour of time within the member community.  I particularly love how the organization recognizes and appreciates everyone's unique talents, gifts, and abilities.
Exchanging services is about local individuals, organizations and businesses helping each other.  Members help rebuild and sustain neighborhood networks and strengthen community as a result of their activities.  I discovered Time Dollars via John and Nancy's participation in the organization.  They have been members since 2001.  If you are interested in this type of process, I highly recommend it and urge you to check out their site for more details.  www.hourexchangeportland.org

- Maura Hintlian RYT