Introducing our Newest Jade Integrated Health Employee—Dash!

Please join us welcoming our newest and perhaps most loveable member of Jade Integrated Health—Dash, a Portuguese Water Dog. She has black hair, heart-melting round, dark eyes, and a tiny black nose. At maximum she will reach between 20 and 23 inches in height and between 42 to 60 pounds.

Although Portuguese Water Dogs are natural swimmers and, therefore, are sometimes used to assist fishermen at sea, Dash will join the Jade Integrated Health team in a different capacity. She is an extremely friendly and loyal curly-haired dog of exceptional intelligence that will assist our patients through the therapeutic process.

Her particular breed is highly trainable, obedient, and good with adults and children, meaning she will not only fit in our atmosphere, but she will be easily trained to work our patients. Affectionate and spirited, she offers mental and emotional support. Along with the support she offers, her warmth and good nature are sure to bring smiles to our patients’ faces, as well as improved health.

We look forward to you meeting Dash.