Make the Time Change Less Impactful by Reducing Stress

The sudden impact of the recent time change has undeniable effects on the human body.  Believe it or not, one hour less of sleep and the change in light that results, interrupts your regular rhythm and weighs heavily on your stress level, as well as your ability to cope with stress. This added stress manifests itself in different ways, including jetlag effects that cause changes in mood, digestion, and immunity.

Colds, coughs, and upper respiratory infections, an inability to sleep, and an increase in gas and bloating are a few ways in which stress could potentially take its toll. In order to mitigate these effects, take time to find ways to lessen stress in other aspects of your life. Taking better care of yourself is crucial to avoiding such harsh impacts.

What are some ways you can boost immunity and regulate digestion? Do not allow the time change to let you stay up later and do not gravitate toward the unhealthy foods that the lack of sleep may cause you to crave. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to help your digestion and boost your immunity.

Stay healthy.