New and Improved Yoga Classes

We've expanded our offering of yoga classes, with new drop-in times that don't require any pre-registration and a FREE week of yoga to celebrate our move, as well as National Yoga Month. From September 24-28th, we'll be offering free yoga classes. Check out our schedule.

All Levels Yoga Drop-In: A class that's great for a variety of levels. Whether you're just getting started, getting back into the game, or are a seasoned pro, you can receive one-on-one attention from teachers and move at your own pace.

A class that emphasizes the mind-body connection, while gently taking you through a variety of poses. Great for lower back pain.

Focus on flow, strength, endurance and range of motion in this class designed for practitioners already familiar with basic yoga poses.

A great class for new mothers looking to get active again in a dynamic way that gets baby in on the fun, too! Great for all levels of experience.

Mommy Baby Yoga:
An intimate class for women and their infants with lots of individualized attention as you learn great poses for postpartum recovery and enjoy a serene space to bond with your newborn.

Master the fundamentals of mat Pilates from basic to intermediate exercises, getting a total body workout as you learn.

Pregnancy doesn't mean you have to stop your practice! Prenatal yoga helps you stay active in a safe way that caters to the needs of your changing body.

Prenatal Yoga:
Another great class for expectant mothers that focuses on strength and flexibility, improving circulation, aiding digestion, exercising the spine and increasing overall comfort during pregnancy.  

Follow creative sequences that will keep your body and mind engaged,build endurance, strength, and flexibility with exercises that promote balance and relaxation.

Yoga for Athletes:
A great way to recover or prepare for any athletic event. Increase your core-strength, balance, flexibility and recovery time as you decrease your risk for injury with these specially targeted poses.

Yoga for Guys: Boost your energy, alleviate sore muscles, and reduce your chance of injury with this class especially designed for physically-active guys. A great way to reduce post-work stress!  

Optimize all your body's functions while you improve your balance, alignment and posture. A terrific way to tone and elongate muscle as your work to recover from or to prevent injury from other physical activity.