Picking the Perfect Yoga Class

There is a common thread throughout the yoga classes offered at Jade Integrated Health: Bringing awareness to your breath and physical body, exploring yoga postures appropriate to your individual needs, balancing strength and flexibility, and concluding with a final relaxation. These are components of all yoga classes; however, they are also tailored to meet more specific needs. Depending on your previous experience with yoga and your desired benefits, some classes may be more suitable than others.

Here’s how to determine which class which best suits you:

  • Gentle Yoga is the class for you if you’re new to yoga, looking to ease your way into the practice and explore the mind-body connection.
  • Hatha Yoga is the class for you if you have some experience with yoga, and are looking to deepen your physical practice.
  • Yoga for Guys is a class for men who are looking to learn yoga in an unintimidating environment with other men. It is a great class for beginners and experienced practitioners who wish to find balance in their approach to strength and flexibility.
  • Yoga for Athletes is a class designed for athletes looking to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury, and will address the areas in the body that tend to be tight from activity.
  • AcroYogaMTL is a playful class where you’ll work with a partner exploring yoga concepts and partner acrobatics.
  • Prenatal Yoga is a class for expecting women at any stage of their pregnancy. Postures may be modified based on your individual needs and the trimester you are in. Classes are designed based on the needs and requests of the class, including energizing and restorative postures and various breathing techniques.
  • Prenatal Flow Yoga is a class for expecting women who may have some experience of yoga and wish to transition into a prenatal yoga class that will include standing and energizing positions.
  • Yamuna Body Rolling is a class for everyone! Anyone interested in removing as many physical restrictions in the body as possible will benefit from Body Rolling.

Each weekday class runs on a 7-week series. Please call to register. 773-5778

Happy picking! We hope to see your friendly faces in class.