Spring Cleanse #2 – 2011

Not a bad week all-in-all.  The day after my last entry was when sugars and bleached flowers were eliminated from the diet.  That practically eliminated the majority of processed or convenience foods. Essentially, the middle isles in the supermarket have food I cannot eat.  Fortunately, I have done this several times over the past ten years so diversity of food choices becomes the key to success.  The following day meat became the eliminated food category.

Protein now comes from dairy, nuts, beans and seeds as well as the grain quinoa.  Lastly, yesterday was elimination day for any dairy foods.  I do feel less tense over the pat few days but did experience some headaches apparently from a lack of caffeine.  Now the attachments I have about the standard/cultural ways of nurturing myself are the strongest.  These emotional patterns can be overcome.  I can eat, as much as I want of the types of food that are left so I am not deprived.  I’ll post on Tuesday so have a great weekend everyone.