Spring Cleanse #4 – 2011

Thanks for waiting.  Here’s my final blog post on the remainder of my fast/cleanse.

I personally enjoy juice fasting.  My body feels less dense and heavy. Organics are important to use at this point.  Some say use just clear juices but I enjoy vegetable juices for a “full” sensation that clear juices do not provide.  There were challenges during meal prep for my kids. Several times I would almost taste the food while cooking as a pattern of the process. Patterns such as that shape our choices, portions, and ritual around food.  At the juice fast portion all of those attachments have come to awareness.  Also the social implications within friend and family circles attracts a lot of attention.  People are fascinated and have great questions.

I chose not to water fast this year because the weather was too cold and my children needed their parents to be physically able to do things like play with them so I stayed on juices for another two days instead.  The fast makes you slow down.  I felt calm and clear in many ways.  I enjoyed greater happiness and great dreams at night.  All that nirvana was great but after five days with no solid food I wanted a banana worse than anything.  Chewing was wonderful and the texture was... well... texture. So until about Halloween my eating practices will have improved tremendously.  The family holidays and cooler weather/shorter days will undoubtedly resurrect my old ways but shortly after the beginning of Spring I will do this once again to begin anew.  Thanks for reading.