Start Your Summer Yoga Practice Today!

Getting into the yoga studio when the summer weather is calling you outside can be difficult. Maine summers are short and we need to enjoy every moment of it. Letting your yoga practice take a back seat in the summer may hold you back from doing the things you love. Having a consistent yoga practice (all year long!) increases flexibility, strength, balance and endurance, which can increase your ability to fully enjoy other activities.

Yoga is a great summer activity. Not only is it easy to practice yoga outdoors, but specific yoga flows can have a cooling effect. Warmer weather can increase flexibility, which supports a deeper stretch. Yoga can also be energizing after a long hot summer day and rejuvenating when you feel depleted from the sun.

Here are a few easy ways to add yoga into your summer routine:

  • Create a pre- and post-activity yoga flow. Many fun summer activities involve holding or maintaining sustained positions. A good yoga flow before and after summer activities can relieve discomfort. Activities, such as kayaking, canoeing, long car rides, and biking, involve sitting for long periods of time. Having a flow to practice before and after can minimize any sore or tight muscles.

  • Wake up with a yoga flow. Summer mornings are a great time to take 15-20 minutes to flow through some of your favorite yoga poses. The cool morning air is crisp and the bug are still sleeping. Grab your mat and find some green to stretch out on before you start your day.

  • Find a cooling yoga flow and take a break from the sun. Sitali breathwork is a great cooling practice for summer time.

  • Many outdoor yoga options are available in Maine. This includes yoga in parks or yoga retreats. SUP, paddleboard and canoe yoga are options to practice some yoga on the water. Get googling to find some outdoor classes near you!  

  • Take advantage of the AC! Yoga studios are a cool place to be on a hot summer day. At Jade Integrated Health, we have new climate control pumps that cool our beautiful studio to a nice comfortable temperature.

With any summer activity, including yoga, make sure to stay hydrated and if you experience any pain or discomfort Jade Integrated Health is here to help!