Yamuna Workshop Feb 4th – “Leg Attachments” Workshop

Please join us for our next workshop on Saturday afternoon.

Yamuna Body Rolling is a unique approach to health and fitness that helps people feel better, move more freely, gain strength, and eliminate pain.  Specially designed balls will; increase muscle length, create joint mobility, promote healing of injuries, tone muscles, energize nerve roots and vital organs, dislodge tension and discomfort, enhance blood flow, and stimulate bone.  Carefully planned routines match the body's own logic and order to re-educate one's innate body awareness.

"Leg Attachments" Workshop

In this workshop we will work to free the muscle groups of the legs to establish proper balance, alignment, tone, and length of muscles from the pelvis down through the feet.  Whether you perform a particular sport or general fitness workout, or simply carries on daily life, leg and foot holding patterns become established.  Everyone needs to free their leg patterns to establish healthier and better alignment of the whole torso and to prevent injuries.

Saturday February 4th
Session #1 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Session #2 3:45pm - 5:45pm

Registration Required: 773-5778
Cost: $30