Books, Food, Smiles and Friends

The Good Things In Life

Maura This summer has been an incredibly abundant socially, celebrating engagements and marriages of some of my closest friends from backyards in Massachusetts, lobster bakes in Cape Elizabeth, a very Maine inspired wedding on Peaks Island, to a colorful wedding in the botanical gardens in Boothbay Harbor.  With two weddings still left this summer, I feel blessed to have such wonderful friends and thrilled that they are finding love and joy in their relationships. 

To bring balance into a full social calendar, I have been enjoying time at the beach reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", the first of a new bestselling trilogy, finding inner stillness through my yoga practice and swimming, and experiencing the incredibly interesting and healing effects of acupuncture with John. 

This has indeed been a summer that I will not forget.  

- Maura