Share Your Summer Time Fun With US!!

Not just another newsletter, but your chance to write us for a change.  Please send us your favorite summertime vacation stories.  Funny, sad, best experience or worst.  Make us laugh...make us cry.  The winning-est story will be rewarded with a free acupuncture treatment or massage.

In the spirit of fair play we are including some of our own. We look forward to hearing from you and good luck!!

John, Nancy, Maura, Laragh, Mary and Sue

My Top 5 Summer Vacation Events

5. Kayaking Kettle cove /Crescent beach area.

4. Sponsoring and attending Shakespeare's Twelfth Night in Deering Oaks Park.

3. Finally having dinner at Fore Street after living in the area for almost  ten years.

2. Enjoying every Thursday with my Two boys.

1. Accompanying my six year old for his first hike up Mt. Washington with my two brothers and their kids.

- John Charlesbois L. Ac.

Summer of Metamorphosis - My 5 Favorite Memories

In no particular order:

5. Planting and picking from our summer garden with my son Bowen.

4. Finding a caterpillar in said garden, placing it in a jar, watching it transform into an amazing Swallowtail butterfly and then releasing it back to the garden.

3. Watching Hudson bear crawl towards the ocean like a baby sea turtle heading towards home.

2. Golfing.

1. Visiting the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay.

- Nancy

Books, Food, Smiles and Friends - The Good Things In My Life

Maura This summer has been an incredibly abundant socially, celebrating engagements and marriages of some of my closest friends from backyards in Massachusetts, lobster bakes in Cape Elizabeth, a very Maine inspired wedding on Peaks Island, to a colorful wedding in the botanical gardens in Boothbay Harbor.  With two weddings still left this summer, I feel blessed to have such wonderful friends and thrilled that they are finding love and joy in their relationships.

To bring balance into a full social calendar, I have been enjoying time at the beach reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", the first of a new bestselling trilogy, finding inner stillness through my yoga practice and swimming, and experiencing the incredibly interesting and healing effects of acupuncture with John.

This has indeed been a summer that I will not forget. 
- Maura