Is your Baby Breech?

Most babies position themselves head down by 33 to 34 weeks into your pregnancy. However, if your baby is breech it means that they are in a buttocks or legs down position or transverse (sideways).

Variations of the breech presentation

If you find you and your baby in this position, there are a few options that your obstetrician, nurse midwife or midwife may suggest:

  • Moxibustion - a technique taught by an acupuncturist to you and your partner to do at home that stimulates fetal movement and, in studies, is up to 74% effective.  There are no acupuncture needles involved in most cases!
  • Webster technique- a chiropractic technique for optimal fetal positioning through manipulation.
  • Version - a procedure performed by your obstetrician in the hospital.  Your obstetrical will try to manually turn your baby by pushing on your abdomen.
  • Posture and positioning -  There are some positions and postures that can facilitate proper fetal positioning.  One website that talks about this is: