Jade Integrated Health Celebrates 10 years

Portland’s Jade Integrated Health to Host Open House June 3rd – celebrating 10 years of creating wellness, raising families and encouraging health at.

PORTLAND, Maine May 26, 2011 – Jade Integrated Health, a provider of health and wellness services in Portland’s East End is celebrating its 10th year anniversary with an Open House on the 1st Friday in June. Experiment with a menu highlighting the flavors of salty, sweet, sour, pungent, and bitter.  This is a free and open to the public, rain or shine to celebrate wellness.

“We offer a full range of services including, rehabilitative services that incorporate acupuncture, physical therapy, massage therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and yoga. Our approach to the health and well-being of our patients is solution based,” says John Charlebois, who together with his wife Nancy is the owner and founder of the center.  John’s expertise is in acupuncture and Oriental medicine, while Nancy, who is a licensed physical therapist, provides physical therapy treatment and massage therapy services.

“I love my job! It is an opportunity to get to know people in our community,” says Nancy. “Our growth has been organic; Jade Integrated Health has added services according to what our clients have asked for over the years.”  They opened their doors in April 2001, offering acupuncture and Chinese herbology. Later, it expanded to include Nancy’s physical therapy practice. In the spring of 2008, they began offering a variety of yoga classes including: prenatal, gentle, and mom & baby. Over the past year they’ve added men’s yoga classes and Yamanu body rolling.

John and Nancy believe strongly in an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to achieve results.  This sometimes means coordinating care with acupuncture yoga, massage, pool therapy, Chinese Herbal Medicine or seeing practitioners outside their office such as an osteopath, chiropractor, naturopathic physician or nurse practitioner. Ultimately, it is up to individual patients as to the healthcare path that fits their needs.

“Not only are we committed to responding to our clients’ needs, we are also responding to a need in the community for an enhanced level of health and well-being that our combined services offer,” says John, “and that feels good.” Please join them for a celebration.

What: 10th Anniversary Open House
218 Washington Ave, Portland, Maine
June 3, 2011 from 4:30pm – 6:30pm

For more information call (207) 773-5778 or visit the Open House web page.