Jade's Favorite Winter Activities

It's winter! There's no escaping it, right? Right. However, there are things we all do to escape (or embrace) the cold! We decided to put together a list of our Jade employee's top winter activities! After you read through ours, join the conversation on our Facebook and let us know your favorite winter activities! Nancy Charlebois Cross country skiing and yurting at Frost Mountain Yurts!

John Charlebois Sitting by the fire, sipping a snifter of fine brandy and smoking a ce-gar, in my lambs-wool slippers of course.* *Due to lack of submission, this entry was submitted by Nancy and Carolyn. ;)

Heather Wacksman activity: cross country skiing at night with fresh-falling snow drink: red wine of course!

Rochelle Greenwood Hot apple cider, football, and snowmobiling.

Lauren Lauzier Downhill Skiing & snowboarding!! Drinking hot cocoa & chai tea latte (my 1x week splurge), watching our 3 yr old Bernese mtn dog play in the snow.

Abigail Brennan My favorite thing about winter is- chili! The idea of cozying up on the couch with blankets and a bowl of chili- yes, please! My favorite kind is Cincinnati Chili- the recipe calls for dark chocolate! Yum!

Melissa Belcher Playing in the snow! Either skiing, snowshoeing or snowman making or even tasting snowflakes!

Marie Boneparth My favorite winter activity... snowshoeing, watching the snow fall while I cook a yummy dinner, going out for a walk after a big storm.

Danielle Cook My favorite winter activities are football sundays, cooking yummy dinners and drinking wine under a blanket with a great movie on.

Carolyn Pereira I love taking walks while it's snowing and slow cooking stews and other warming dishes. I’m also known for throwing a snowball or two, so watch out! :)


We'd love to hear your favorite winter activities! Join the conversation on our Facebook page and let us know what you are up to! Jade Integrated Health Facebook