You Are Not A Number

How do you find the right doctor? Physical therapist? Acupuncturist? Most patients are finding time with their healthcare providers shrinking. The time spent with your healthcare provider is important so that all your questions and concerns are heard, not to mention thoughtful discussion about the best treatment or wellness plan for you. Here are some questions that you may want to ask a potential health care provider:

  1. “Each time I have an appointment, will I be see the same doctor/therapist/acupuncturist?”
  2. “How long will my appointments last?
  3. “If I call with questions, can I speak directly with my provider?”
  4. “Do you have a particular specialty?”
  5. “How long have you been practicing?”
  6. “What tools do you rely on most when treating your patients?”

As a physical therapist, I see how healthcare time is spent, both as a patient and a provider. From my perspective, not having enough time with patients leads to sub-standard care. I feel fortunate to be a part of a model that is truly patient centered and really meets the quality standards that many espouse, but do not actually deliver. I encourage you all to look closely and make sure that you are not a “number” in your healthcare provider's office. The greatest compliments we receive at Jade, from both employees and patients, is that they feel listened to, are in a cheerful office, receive high quality care and are grateful for the TIME we spend with them.

This is how Jade answers the above questions:

  1. Each physical therapy appointment will last 50-60 minutes, acupuncture 90 minutes, and you will be treated by a licensed physical therapist or licensed acupuncturist every time. We do not have physical therapy aides or athletic trainers providing treatment. Your treatment will occur in privacy.
  2. If you have questions and call us, our receptionist will answer the phone - we’d be surprised if it wasn’t a pleasant greeting! If you ask to speak with one of us about your acupuncture, physical therapy or yoga therapy, they will make sure that our acupuncturist or physical therapists return your call.
  3. We each have different areas of specialty and are passionate about providing care in the areas of women’s health, orthopedic injuries, sports injuries, ergonomics and post-operative rehabilitation.
  4. Jade Integrated Health was established in 2001 and all of our providers have at least 10 years of clinical experience.
  5. Our tools are wide and varied - acupuncture, dry needling, myofascial release, therapeutic exercise, pool therapy, patient education, Chinese herbal formulation and thermal modalities are most commonly used.

We’re sure that you have questions of your own, so we look forward to spending time answering them!

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Nancy Charlebois

Nancy Charlebois is a licensed physical therapist and massage therapist. She graduated in 1996 from Springfield College with her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy. Nancy has worked in a variety of treatment settings, from a neonatal intensive care unit to nursing homes during her 14 year career. Since moving to Maine, she has developed a strong outpatient orthopedic focus working with patients experiencing pain. She also specializes in women’s health physical therapy.