Quick Laptop Tips

We have all been absorbed in a project on the computer and then realized we haven’t moved in hours. Your neck, low back or mid back may be stiff or aching. Your body is trying to tell you something… but what?

The body thrives on movement but computer work requires static positions held for long periods of time.

Here are few small tips to help your body tolerate those hours of work at the laptop!

  1. Move every 20-50 minutes and set a timer to keep yourself accountable

  2. Keep your computer screen at eye level

  3. Sit in a supportive chair; avoid sitting on a soft surface, such as a couch

  4. Use an external keyboard and mouse when on a laptop for proper ergonomics

  5. Be MINDFUL of your body regardless of if you are at a standing or sitting desk  

Avoid sitting on a soft surface


Sit in a supportive chair with both feet on the ground


Avoid shifting your weight from foot to foot


Stand with both feet on the ground and joints aligned


Curious if your work space is step up correctly. Our Physical Therapists perform office and home visits to ensure proper ergonomics. Call today for your first appointment and start your journey to a pain-free life.