Raking Body Mechanics

It’s fall and our lovely green lawns have turned into a beautiful collage of oranges, yellows and reds. As the leaves cover the ground, we start thinking about fall clean up. We pull our rakes out from storage and head to the front lawn. Enjoying the autumn air as we prepare to collect the leaves. But wait…. do you feel that? That slight (or maybe severe) ache in your lower back?

STOP! Take a minute to check your body mechanics. Are your joints lined up in a supportive manner? Are your knees bent slightly? Are you mindful of how your body is twisting and moving?

How to Rake Safely:

  1. Keep the rake close to your body

  2. Bend your knees and your hips

  3. Keep your back straight

  4. Draw in your abdominals

  5. Move your whole body instead of twisting

  6. Pay attention to how you are moving!

Correct Mechanics

Incorrect Mechanics


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