We Were Built to Run

We were built to run. It is one of our primary survival mechanisms.  We have three survival mechanisms. One is to fight one is to pass out, and the last is to run. None of these abilities should be ignored, and all play an important view into our health. Deep down many already know this, many already identify running as a balancing force in their life, an activity that brings peace and fulfillment that runs parallel to vitality and fitness. Many of us at Jade have understood this for much of our lives. So when we can’t run due to injury it’s more than a physical problem it’s considered a loss.

Traditional Chinese medicine views running as an extension of walking, walking as an extension of standing, standing as an extension of breathing.  All must benefit the other.  Within this paradigm, a running injury, and the treatment of that injury, mirrors an establishment of balance. First breathing, then standing strong, then walking evenly leading to an appropriate return to running. This model allows the practitioner to identify and correct compensatory patterns within the running mechanism.  Fortunately, Jade Integrated Health offers a multidisciplinary team with a unified goal to get your running again.

Compensatory patterns are an aspect that the meridians and acupuncture points address quite well for the treatment of pain, spasm and restrictions in the body. These patterns are usually results of a very minor injury. In any athlete’s history there is a sprain, a strain, spill, a fall, a trauma. Fortunately, humans have an incredible ability to adapt.

There are a few common scenarios,

“There was a little pain a little stiffness.. I was only 30 years old.. I can still run.. that is one scenario.”

“I run, I used to do warm-ups.. and cool downs..” or,  

“I don’t have time to stretch.. twice a day? it’s all I can do to get my run in!! My hamstrings are as brittle and as dry twigs!”

In addition, more times than not, these scenarios are capped off with,

“I sit all day! I have a very sedentary job! I’m more stressed out then my running can compensate for!”

Jade considers all of these factors. Situations that prohibit our clients from running are not usually solved by a single solution, there needs to be a holistic solution. Yoga helps lengthens muscles, physical therapy strengthens deficiencies, acupuncture reduces tension and spasm. This is an array of useful tools.  

Every runner possesses a unique set of circumstances that prohibit performance. At Jade, possible solutions fit the unique situation of the runner. Our physical therapists can conduct a digital analysis of the athlete's gait, stride and posture.  Experienced acupuncturists can reduce pain and spasm within the joints and muscle.  Yoga can lengthen muscle, sooth stress, regulate breathing patterns, and motivate.  With THAT much empowerment compensatory patterns are eliminated.

As a runner, you need to know where your center of gravity is located. As a runner, you need to know what diaphragmatic breathing feels like. As a runner, you need to appreciate long muscles and the dynamic of water as opposed to wood as a running philosophy.

Jade’s mind-body centric approach and the ability to enter a runner into a program utilizing all of these services to help heal and advance their running ability sets us apart. We understand that runners come in all different shapes, heights, ability levels, and Orthodoxy that require different approaches. That is exactly why our multidisciplinary approach warrants consideration by the serious runner.

Communication is very important so we think a free 30-minute consultation benefits you as an athlete. Look us up, come with questions, we’re looking forward to working with you!