10 Preparations to Ensure you Enjoy this Year's July 4th Fireworks!

It's that time of year again, the 4th of July is right around the corner. 241 years ago the United States gained its independence and today we celebrate by gathering with friends and family, barbecuing, heading to the beach and watching...fireworks. Ah yes, fireworks. Glorious bursts of light and color dancing across the sky as we exclaim "ohhh" and "ahhhh" beneath them.

You don't need much to enjoy fireworks but a little extra planning beforehand will make sure you are not just happy this July 4th but comfortable as well! Here's our checklist to ensure you have the most comfortable experience yet plus a list of where to watch this year's celebration.


  1. Water and snacks. Stay hydrated and fed. There's nothing worse then being dehydrated from a day in the sun, growling stomachs or becoming hangry right as the fireworks begin. Plan ahead and you'll be viewed as the fireworks god or goddess that you are when you hand over a water bottle and granola bar to someone in need.

  2. Comfortable light-weight chairs. Light-weight chairs will ensure that you don't agitate your shoulders on your walk to that ideal firework-watching spot and chairs that recline and/or a blanket to lay on, alleviates future stiff necks on the walk or ride home post-show.

  3. Layers. In case it cools down or a rain jacket in case the weather turns, layers are a must. Choosing to wear brighter colors is always a great idea so when you're walking home or to the car afterwards in the dark, you're easily visible by cars. 

  4. Appropriate shoes. Think about the path you'll take to get to your fireworks watching destination and determine the best shoes for the occasion. Sturdy/comfortable shoes while walking on paths, grass or docks is optimal so you don't twist an ankle. If you do twist an ankle, don't worry, we're open again on Wednesday, July 5th!

  5. Bug spray, tick repellent and sunscreen. You can thank us later for this one. Here's a natural tick repellent recipe that you can try as well for those DIYers out there!

  6. Ear protection for you or your children. If you or your children are sensitive to loud noises but still want to partake in the festivities, just grab some ear plugs or other ear protection to bring.

  7. Flashlights. Many phones have a flashlight option these days, just test it out the day before and make sure it sheds enough light to illuminate your path, if not, grab an additional flashlight!


  1. Route home that won't have a lot of traffic congestion. Park in an area that you can easily access. Even if you have to walk a little further, you'll be thanking yourself at the end of the night when you're not waiting in a long line of cars.

  2. A place to meet in case you get separated. Especially with a family, make sure to designate a meeting place just in case. No need to panic when a plan is set out and agreed upon in advance. 

  3. Leave the fireworks to the professionals, opt for sparklers or glow sticks for personal fun! 

    Happy 4th of July from the Jade family!

    Have fun and be safe!