Intro to Meditation, Part 2 - The Ripple Effect

A still pond,
Frog goes plop!
Ripples spread.

In 1993, a study was conducted in Washington DC to see how a group of meditators can affect social behavior in their vicinity. The results were astounding, with a 23% drop in violent
crimes. The study was conducted by a quantum physicist, John Hagelin, who designed the study based on the idea that we each radiate quantum fields and can feel that energy as it is radiated by others.

Through our practice we contribute to a “healing field”, when we heal
ourselves we help to heal the world. ~Roger Jahnke

In one pointedness meditation we begin with focus on a selected meditation object, and develop strength of mind. As strength of mind grows we gain the ability to observe thoughts as they arise and let them go, rather rather than beginning to think about them. We begin to appreciate and gain insight into attachment and impermanence. We learn not to believe everything we think. These lessons are experiential not intellectual, so they are literally written into the fabric of our cells. This changes our vibration and the quality of the energy we emit and experience. Together, one pointedness and insight meditation, known as shamatha and vipassana produces the ripple effect.

As we change so does everything around us. We add to the world we experience through a
gradual process of building momentum. As we progress we become more aware of this and our
impact becomes less scattered and we are more able to influence what is perceptible to us
through our choices and intention. This message, echoed by many physicists, neurobiologists and religious leaders around the world, is that we are responsible to an unknown extent for our own well being and that of the world, especially those in our immediate vicinity. Cultivating loving kindness and compassion in meditation is the most powerful act of choice we can make. It becomes its own path, where we benefit and so does everyone else. We become consciously
creative. We awaken, gradually, more and more. We enjoy life more and more, basing choices on positive foundations and determining a positive outcome.

In the process of meditation we see the ripple effect as it is produced and experienced by
ourselves and others. It is as simple as one thing leading to another and as grand as


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