Coping With the Final Weeks of Pregnancy

While birthing parents are typically excited for their babies to arrive, the final weeks of pregnancy can be exhausting, uncomfortable and emotional.  You have a small person, or multiple people inside of you, just about ready to be born.  It can take a toll on you and your partner as well.  Here are some easy ways to help you enjoy those last few weeks.

  1. Plan something special for your due date.  This might be dinner out with your partner or best friend at your favorite restaurant, a special date with your older child at the park, or a movie in with a pizza picnic and mocktails.  The choice is personal, but it can often be challenging when this “due date” comes and goes.  Having something special planned in advance allows you to focus on that event, rather than that the date you have been saying out loud for months has arrived without a single sign of labor.  If you miss your special date or event, it is likely because baby has made his/her appearance.
  2. Pamper Yourself. Another easy distraction at the end of pregnancy is a little pampering and treating.  Perhaps a mani/pedi with a foot massage, prenatal body massage, acupuncture or some prenatal yoga classes with other expecting parents.  Maybe it’s a day to lay on the beach and watch the waves, or a box of gourmet donuts.  Treating yourself can be just the thing to help you carry through another few days of making a human.  
  3. Get Lifted. One more idea to help you pass those last few days or weeks before your little one has a birthday is to schedule coffee or lunch dates with friends and people who lift you up. Sipping a delicious beverage with your bestie can be a simple and effective way to fill your cup with joy and peace, as well as be a welcome distraction from back ache and swollen feet, while your baby completes its final preparations for the big day.  Before you know it your tiny human will be in your arms.  Why not spend those last moments with those you love, taking great care of yourself.  You deserve it.

Paula Norcott of BirthME, Maine’s Professional Birth Guides is a childbirth educator, lactation counselor, doula and mom of five boys.

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