Does Smoking Increase Pain while Recovering from Surgery?

Smoking has been associated with low back pain, chronic pain, poor outcomes following surgical interventions and increased rates of postoperative complications. A recent study, which examined a prospectively maintained database of 5,333 patients with pain from a spinal disorder, demonstrates that patients who have never smoked or have previously quit have significantly less pain than smokers (Behrend et al.) after course of care from a physician. At the conclusion of the study, current smokers had significantly higher pain when compared with those who had never smoked and those who previously quit. At Jade Integrated Health, our clinicians have the tools to help your patients successfully quit smoking. There is a large body of research to support acupuncture as an effective tool to assist with the quitting process. Quitting smoking is a very stressful and difficult task. Acupuncture can largely reduce the stress of the quitting process as well as the physical and emotional symptoms of withdrawal such as headaches, restlessness, and digestive symptoms, among others. Our clinicians can help your patients identify healthy alternative outlets for stress such as exercise, conditioning meditation and yoga.