Why We Integrate

Jade has been changing the status quo in rehabilitation for southern Maine since 2001. At Jade, we are told by our patients many times a week, “I love how you have everything I need in one place.” We are proud of this because it is our mission to look at disease from two or more different perspectives. As a disease or dysfunction develops we adapt to it over time. Often these adaptations change depending on the person we are at that time. The adaptations can be physical, mental or a combination that impacts the spirit, mind and body. This is why physical therapy, massage, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), acupuncture and yoga combine so well under one roof. During the healing process, this collaboration helps treat the whole human.

Many people find themselves stuck in a pattern, maybe it's muscular pain, insomnia, or depression (just to name a few). These conditions affect more than one area of their lives. For example, pain can cause sedentary tendencies and without exercise, stress can increase and cause changes in mood. Frequent irritability can cause tension in the neck and shoulders which may lead to jaw or head pain. All these intertwined experiences can seriously impact one’s quality of life.

The integrative approach at Jade emphasizes balance as a part of healing. A patient’s internal and external environments must compliment each other. When dysfunctional patterns originate physically (muscle pain or discomfort), physical therapy may be a great primary modality. Integrating acupuncture and TCM recognizes that we are more than just tissue, muscle and bone. Placing acupuncture needles at specific points can reduce pain, alleviate stress and promote sleep, impacting several aspects of our patient’s daily lives. Lastly an introduction to or adaptation of a yoga practice perpetuates the healing journey, helping to restore balance and provide social reward. By combining these practices Jade can deliver superior results in a shorter period of time.

People are greater than the sum of their parts. We are filled with potential, feeling, and spark. Each patient is different and we adjust our treatment plan based on what is ideal for each individual.