Yoga For Guys

Gentle Yoga

The physical benefits of yoga are a wonderful way to compliment whatever sport or physical activity you love.  Yoga stretches, strengthens, and invigorates the entire body and internal organs.  It increases core strength, flexibility, range of motion, and improves balance.   Practicing yoga as a form of cross-training will increase your performance and reduce the risk of injury.

This class is designed to alleviate everything from stiff backs and sore muscles to low energy and work-related stress. Attending the weekly Yoga for Guys class can help correct the alignment of the spinal column, and improve your overall posture.  You will learn how to breathe deeper, which will give you extra endurance for exercise, sports, or just to have more energy throughout the day.

Additionally, when men do yoga in a men's yoga class, they are more relaxed, less guarded and more focused.  There is a completely different energy in the room.  When a man looks around and sees other men doing yoga, he feels more included and accepted: their bodies are similar to his body; their challenges are similar to his challenges.

The next 7 week series is starting soon. Check this link for dates.